Hello Boston

The time has come. Our next visit to Boston is here. Julia’s second surgery is tomorrow.

Our little family of five packed up our mini van and spent three days driving to Boston. We are checked in and ready for Julia’s big day.

Today we had her preop appointment to go over the plan for tomorrow. We also met with Julia’s facial plastic surgeon one more time before the surgery. He is the one you’d want if you were in need of anything, and he’s a pretty great doctor if you ask me.

While we were at the hospital we decided to pop in on our favorite department for a quick hello as we’re not scheduled to see them until later next week. We were lucky that they were in between patients and could say hello to us.

We will post updates when we can. Thank you all for keeping Julia in your thoughts and prayers, especially tomorrow. ❤️

Also, thank you to everyone who was able to help us with this trip via our GoFundMe site. Your support means the world to us! xoxo, Tori

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  1. Praying for little Julia and also for her mom, dad and sisters. What a wonderful family you are.

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