Thank you Boston

Sometimes when things are a little less hectic, babies are sleeping, and my mind settles down a little, I surprise myself with how much our little family has been through this last year. Heck, how much our family has been through these past almost two years. So many tears were shed throughout my pregnancy with Julia. So many tears were shed after her birth and through her first few months. But the amount of smiles, laughs, hugs, and kisses have surpassed the amount of tears and worries by miles.

Temporarily moving to Boston twice since Julia’s birth was not easy, but the best decision I’ve ever made. Boston Children’s Hospital has provided such wonderful care for Julia, and we have met some amazing people.

Julia’s two casts are gone, and she has five separate fingers on her left hand. Thursday we had an early appointment to remove her casts. Poor Julia was not a fan of the special power tool they use to cut the casts off, but she made it through. We then went to see her hand and foot plastic surgeon to remove the bandages and check everything out.

Her left toe that he attempted to pull up to be level with her others didn’t quite do exactly what he had hoped, but there is an improvement. She may need another surgery in the future, but for now we just let her grow.

Her left hand was probably the most surprising. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was surprised when the bandage was removed. Five little fingers. Five little separate fingers. The dried blood and still fresh sutures surprised me. Her little fingers were swollen and looked like they were attacked, but I had to remind myself that skin had to be added between her fingers. After being cleaned up a little the doctor said he was very happy with how they looked. He showed us how to wrap it at night and said to see him in six months when we are back for Urology.

We got back to the apartment after that appointment and finished packing to go HOME!

We took a slight detour to Washington DC for the girls’ first visit and had fun watching them take in the sites.

We are now home and enjoying seeing all of our family and friends. Thank you again Boston for being kind to this southern family, and to Boston Children’s Hospital for taking excellent care of our baby. xoxo, Tori

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  1. Always love reading your updates.
    You are an amazing family.
    My love and prayers to all of you

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