Fresh air

Julia is recovering nicely from her surgery. We are happy to report they were able to extubate her this morning and she is currently breathing very nicely on her own. Seeing her looking around, breathing on her own, and wiggling was the highlight of our day. 

The team at Boston Children’s Hospital has been great with giving Julia the best possible care. She is currently hanging out in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit while they monitor her breathing, vitals, and get her eating again. 

Another exciting report, our little family is back together for the weekend. Kaitlyn and Claire were thrilled to see their baby sister, and were great visiting in the NICU. They both asked the doctors and nurses great questions and comforted Julia while she was getting examined. 

Next up is transferring Julia to a regular floor sometime this weekend, then looking at removing a couple of the tubes from her surgery later next week. If all of that goes well then we’ll be able to bring her “home” with regular check-in’s for a few weeks before finally bringing our new little princess HOME to South Carolina. 

Thank you again for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers! It’s certainly helping! xoxo, Tori

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