Busy bees

It’s hard to believe we have been home for two weeks. It feels like it’s been so much longer. We have been busy bees since coming home to Charleston. As some of you know we sold our house at the beginning of the year and moved in with my parents. Everything worked out so perfectly with us needing to move to Boston for two months. While in Boston Sean and I were in communication with our realtor off and on, and would occasionally look at houses for sale. We found a few we liked while in Boston, but our favorites were sold by the time we got home. Sean and I decided to casually see what the market had to offer the weekend we came home. We ended up finding a house we really liked and contacted our realtor about possibly putting in an offer. The market is hot right now so we did not want to lose a house that fit our wish list. Well thankfully she talked us down and gave us a nice list of houses to look at. Sean and I narrowed her list of over twenty listings down to three and looked at them the Sunday after coming home (crazy right?). Well, our realtor listened to our wish list because she found the perfect home for us. We put an offer in that Sunday and were surprised when it was accepted only a few hours later! So we are now in the process of buying our next home. Yay!

It is also the end of the school year so we are busy with Kaitlyn and Claire finishing third grade and kindergarten. You always hear that your children will grow up fast, but you don’t realize how fast until you actually have your own. Kaitlyn had her end of year musical theatre performance of The Jungle Book where she played King Louie wonderfully, and Claire just had her kindergarten graduation where she had a solo she performed in front of everyone. These two girls are growing into such smart, talented, confident girls, and we love experiencing every minute of it.

Julia has been doing a great job adjusting to her new home. It is a lot different than our quiet little apartment in Boston. She has her entire family surrounding her, talking to her, snuggling her, singing to her, playing with her, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. We will keep you updated as we move into our new home and on Julia’s upcoming follow up appointments. Thank you all again for your continued thoughts and prayers. We are so lucky to have you all! xoxo, Tori

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