Did you hear? Boston Children’s Hospital was ranked #1 again by U.S. News & World Report. Not only that, but the Urology team was ranked #1 too! We certainly aren’t surprised. In case you can’t tell from our posts, we may have fallen in love with Boston Children’s Hospital. There are some great superstars providing outstanding care to families just like ours.

Speaking of superstars. We have our very own superstar living with us. After Julia’s surgery Dr. Borer approached us about being interviewed for their website to help inform other families about bladder exstrophy, and hopefully help parents make a decision about care for their child. Sean and I of course said yes. Well the story was just published today. You can view it in two different places on Boston Children’s Hospital website. The more in depth story is underĀ Patients’ Stories, and the other is under their Greatest Children’s Stories. Feel free to share these stories on your social media sites. The more we share them the more informed people will be, and hopefully parents like us will feel a little better knowing that they are not alone.

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