Testing 1, 2, 3

Thursday was a big day for Julia. Her urologist, Dr. Borer, gave her bladder a test to hold urine and also to see if the urine would come out the old fashioned way. He plugged her SP tube so it would stop draining and left it like that while we went to get her Spica cast re-lined. When we arrived back we checked for urine in her diaper which was inconclusive because she had pooped (she is a little poop machine). Dr. Borer then checked to see if her bladder had held urine during that break and it did (see picture)! Yay for pee! 

After the Urology appointment we all took Julia to her pediatrician appointment. We wanted to make sure we were also keeping up with all of the normal newborn check ups. Her doctor was happy to see Julia doing so well and admired Dr. Borer’s work on Julia’s bladder closure surgery. During that time we saw a little trickle of pee come out, hooray! 

Her next urology follow up is on Tuesday and I imagine we will do another test. She will also have an opthomology appointment next week, and audiology before heading home. Prayers that all of her appointments continue to go well and that she continues to heal are appreciated. We cannot wait to bring her home to Charleston!

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